Have A Dog? 4 Types Of Fencing That Will Keep Them Safe

6 April 2017
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An important part of owning a dog is making sure that they are safe and secure on your property. That may be what it takes to justify getting a fence for your yard to keep them contained. However, you will want a fence that is both fashionable and effective. Here are 4 types of fencing that you should consider.


This material is great because it is sturdy, but won't completely block off the view of your yard. Aluminum fencing is made in a form that looks very similar to iron fencing posts, but it is much more affordable. This allows you to look through it, so that you and your dog can have a view of the outside world. It may be more ideal for a backyard, since you don't want people walking by to stick their hand through the fence to pet your dog.

Wood With a Lattice

If everyone around you has wood fencing, it may look weird to be the odd home out that has something different. Consider going with solid wood, but adding a lattice on top of the fencing material. Not only will it prevent a dog from jumping over the fence, but it also makes the fence look much nicer. The lattice extends the fence by approximately another foot, which could give it the height you need for a dog that can jump really high.


Does your dog chew on everything? If so, vinyl fencing is a durable material that will stand up to your dog's teeth. Know that vinyl can be manufactured in a way that imitates the look of actual wood, but the construction is much more sturdy. You should have your vinyl fencing installed several inches beneath ground level as well, to prevent a dog from digging under it. An alternative solution would be to install a thin strip of concrete on the insider the fence to prevent digging.

Invisible Fence

Of course, you can always go with an invisible fence to contain your dog to your yard. While many homeowners use just an invisible fence, you can also use it in conjunction with other materials. This is great if you want a fence that is not practical for containing a dog, but don't want them to escape. The normal fencing material will add beauty, but the invisible fence adds security.

For more info on any of these types of fences, speak with a fencing contractor, like one from Fence Pro.