Tuning It Out -- 3 Steps To Reducing Road Noise In Your Yard

11 April 2017
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Even the perfect home can be marred when it's built next to a busy road. If you suffer from the ugly views of traffic and corresponding road noise, you may wonder how you can fix the problem and enjoy your house more. Here is a 3-step guide to tuning out the world next door.

Start with a Fence. A tall and solid fence serves dual purposes in noise reduction. First, it removes the traffic from your line of sight. This act of simply making it so you can't see the source of the noise serves to convince your brain that the noise is reduced. It's "out of sight, out of mind" in its truest sense. Secondly, the fence itself will serve as a partial sound barrier. Be sure you use a solid fencing materials, such as cedar wood fencing or stone block fencing. Sound waves are like water, in that they will travel through any gaps in the barrier. So, it may be best to work with a professional fence contractor to ensure the fewest gaps and the most solid materials. 

Add Greenery. The second layer of sound protection is greenery. Plant a row of tall, full trees -- such as evergreens that grow vertical without spreading -- that will form a green barrier all year long. The trees should be above the fence line to help reduce sound waves spilling over the fence itself. In front of the row of tall trees, add a layer of midsize shrubs to form another line of insulation. Depending on your yard's style and theme, you can make this organic barrier formal (such as by using neat box hedges) or informal and naturalistic. 

Create White Noise. Finally, you can mask some of the remaining sound that penetrates your barriers with white noise features inside the yard. Probably the most popular white noise for an outside area is a bubbling or running water feature. A waterfall, fountain, or running stream is both beautiful by itself and a good way to camouflage distant traffic noise. There are some other fun outdoor white noise makers, such as birdsong and nature soundtracks. Place any white noise generator between the source of the noise and where you spend most of your time entertaining and playing outside. 

This three-step strategy can't take away all road congestion noise, but it can make your yard into a haven that everyone will enjoy more. For more information, visit sites like http://townandcountryfence.net/.