Want To Build A Dog Run? Get Help From A Fence Company

13 April 2017
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When you adopt a pet, you will want to get your home ready for their arrival. Bringing a cat home means you will only need to worry about the inside by adding a litter box, furniture, and high up places to relax. But adopting a dog requires you to consider the inside and outside to avoid complications. If you have an enormous backyard, you may not want your dog roaming throughout the entire space. It could also be dangerous for them if you have thorny plants, or it could lead to the destruction of an edible garden. An ideal solution is to hire a fencing contractor to help you with constructing a dog run.

Make Sure the Fence Is Stable

It is not unreasonable to want to build a dog run on your own, but it is easy to make some mistakes. You will need to dig a hole deep enough and in just the right size for fence posts to fit perfectly. You will appreciate the reliable results that you can get by having fencing professionals handle this process. This is an especially important process if you adopt a large dog breed, as they will grow quickly. You do not want them putting all their weight against the fence at maturity, causing it to lose stability.

Build an Adequate Gate

An essential feature of a dog run is a gate. Depending on the size and layout of the dog run, you may even want multiple gates to make it easy for you to let them out or put them inside. A gate will need to be just as sturdy as the rest of the fence because it is possible for curious dogs to find out the weak spots. If you happen to have a small dog breed, you do not want the gate and fence to have a large gap. This could lead to your puppy or even adult dog being able to squeeze through if this is not considered in the design.

Pick the Right Gauge

While you attempt to build a low-cost chain-link dog run by choosing higher gauge wire, which is thinner, you should try to avoid a situation in which your dog is able to warp the fence to get through. For instance, a large dog can jump up and continuously put their weight and paws on one part of the dog run. Over time, this can lead to the fence bending because the wire is not strong enough to withstand the pressure. A fencing company can help you pick the right gauge based on the dog you plan on bringing home.

Hiring a fencing contractor that works with custom residential fences is a great way to get your backyard set up with a dog run.