Why Aluminum Fences Near The Ocean Rust More Frequently: And How To Manage It

25 June 2017
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People who live near the ocean may notice that their aluminum fences seem to rust quickly. That isn't the fencing's fault but the salt in the air. Why does aluminum fencing rust so quickly near salt water and what can be done to prevent it?

Salt Water Can Damage Aluminum Fencing

Like most types of metal, aluminum fencing can be prone to rusting. In most fresh water environments, however, this is rarely a problem. Why? There is no salt in the air to corrode the sides of the aluminum fencing. Fresh water is simply not corrosive enough to cause quick aluminum rusting.

Without this salt, aluminum fences are likely to avoid rusting for years and years. However, living near the ocean causes a large amount of salt water to be present near the fences. Even worse, this rusting can be a serious health risk.

Ingesting Rust Can Be Dangerous

Rusty aluminum fences aren't just ugly, but a danger to public health. Small flecks of rust may go airborne once they flake off the fence. When this happens, they may contaminate groundwater and cause sickness. Even worse, it could end up going airborne and causing serious breathing problems by impacting the health of a person's lungs and trachea.

In addition, it can spread dangerous bacteria that threaten a person's life and can cause serious diseases. That's why it is so important to protect aluminum fences from salt-corrosion and rust. This task not only protects a family but ensures that fences stay in the kind of great shape they would have if salt water was not present.

Keeping Rust Off These Fences

When rust starts appearing on fences, it is important to work hard to keep it from spreading. The first step is to take cloth sheaths and wrap them around the aluminum fence posts. In this way, they will not only look better but will be protected from damaging salt. Washing the surface off with water and soap is also crucial, as this eliminates the corrosive salt.

Make sure to check the fences for rust regularly. Try at least once a month to keep them in great shape. Once rust is spotted, it is important to remove it with fine sandpaper and then add rust-proof paint to the area. In this way, the rust will stop spreading and the aluminum fence can last for even longer than it would have otherwise.

The nice thing about aluminum fences is that they can last for decades if properly managed. While living near the ocean may be damaging to them, it is possible to avoid that damage and even reverse it to keep the fence in great shape for years to come. Check with a company like Mills Fence for more information.