The Best Things About Fiberglass Fences

8 November 2017
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Are you looking to add a fence to your front yard as a way to make it more usable for your children and pets? If you are trying to make your yard more functional, a small custom fence can be a very smart investment. Of course, not all fences are the same. The material that you choose will vary in style, price, and overall maintenance required. This article explains why fiberglass is such a great fencing material.

Fiberglass is Affordable

One of the best things about fiberglass fences is that they are very affordable. The price obviously depends on what type of fence you install and how tall it is. Nonetheless, when you compare fiberglass to other materials like PVC and wood, it is competitively priced and very easy to install (even for DIYers).

Fiberglass is Easy to Maintain

However, the real savings with fiberglass comes with cheap and easy maintenance. First of all, fiberglass is a material that never requires any painting, sealing, or refinishing. Importantly, you also don't need to worry about waterproofing it. Fiberglass is the same material used in the construction boats, so you know it is going to be water resistant and reliable when used as a fence. You can also easily clean fiberglass with basic household cleaners. In fact, often just wiping it down with a sponge and some water works the best. If you think about it in the long term, you can easily imagine saving a lot of money through this cheap and easy maintenance over the years.

Fiberglass is Stylish

Homeowners are also usually impressed by fiberglass styles. While some people mistakenly think a fiberglass material that only comes in white and looks like plastic, you can actually find a very wide selection of fiberglass products. Of course, when it comes to fencing, fiberglass with fake wood prints and finishes are the most popular. These are highly advanced, multicolored prints that have textures to match the fake wood grains. They aren't shiny or cheap looking. You will probably be able to tell that the material isn't actually real wood, but it will definitely create the style of wood.

Even if fiberglass might not be the first material that comes to mind when shopping for residential fencing, it is also easy to see why it is becoming so popular. It is an affordable and stylish choice compares favorably to any other popular fencing material.