Want An Automatic Gate? Selecting Between Bottom And Top Swing Arms

22 November 2017
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Are you looking to have an automatic gate installed to make access to your property easier when you are in your car? If so, you will need to select the type of gate that you want. Some automatic gates will use a swing arm that is either on the bottom or top of the gate. You may be surprised to learn that these swing arms are quite different. Here is what you need to know about them to make a selection.

Top Swing Arms

A gate with the swing arm up top is very common, which is partly due to how easy they are to have installed. The design and structure of the metal frame make this type of automatic gate extremely sturdy, which is a favorable trait for property owners looking to add a gate.

The swing arm is operated with a gearbox found on the gate's side, which has an access panel that gives access to all of the mechanics inside to make the arm work. This setup has both pros and cons. The box is sealed, which makes it difficult for people to break into the box and try to open the gate. On the other hand, the sealed nature of the box makes it difficult to have repaired.

Use a swing arm installed on top when you have a very heavy metal gate. Keep in mind that the arm is slower to close and open a gate, and will be visible to others.

Bottom Swing Arms

The main advantage of a swing arm installed along the bottom of the gate is that it won't be as visible as it's top swing counterpart. The installation location also makes it easier to hide the large gearbox since it can be installed close to the ground. The swing arm will also operate at a faster speed when compared to the top swing variation.

One downfall of a bottom swing arm is that it will be difficult to install, which could increase the labor cost if you are having it professionally installed. The mechanism will also have problems with heavy gates, which may not even make this type of swing arm an option if you have an existing gate.

Now that you know about the differences between bottom and top swing arms, you can make a more informed decision about what method you want to use to operate your automatic gate. To learn more, visit a website like http://www.phoenixfence.com