Wood Vs. Synthetic Fences

24 December 2017
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If you are a homeowner who has some extra cash to invest in your property, you can start with your front yard. Adding a simple perimeter fence to your front yard is a very effective upgrade because it increases the curb appeal of your property by making your lawn look more put together, and framing your house. Basically, it is a very cost effective way to make your house a little more stylish.

Wooden Fences

When it comes to residential fences, the first thing that usually comes to mind is wood. Wood has obviously been used in fence construction for centuries. It is a reliable, durable, and stylish product that will always remain a popular choice. However, manufactures seem to now be focusing on synthetic materials like fiberglass and vinyl. These materials are definitely attractive to homeowners who just wants a fence that is easy to take care of.

A wooden fence needs to be refinished every few years. No matter what species of wood you choose, and regardless of if you have a clear stain or a solid paint finish, the finish will wear off over the years. Basically, wooden fences need some TLC, or else they can fall into disrepair and look decrepit.

Synthetic Fences

If you don't have the time or patience to take care of your wooden fence, you should definitely choose a synthetic material. Synthetic products like vinyl and fiberglass are perfectly waterproof. Most importantly, the waterproof finish is permanent and never needs to be reapplied or reinforced. This is an important thing to take into account when shopping for a fence. Even if you want your fence to look aged and antiqued, you still need to take care of it. Otherwise, it will lose its structural integrity. Many synthetic products are made with antique wood styles. These create a nice effect that will make your fence look more stylish. Many will not even be able to determine whether you fence is real wood or made out of synthetic material. The synthetic materials are made with all the most popular current styles, wood species, and finishes.

While it is largely a matter of personal preference, you need to be realistic about how much maintenance you are willing to undertake over the years. If you think you won't be willing to take on a hefty fence refinishing project once every 3 or 4 years, you should choose fiberglass or vinyl. Contact a company, like Holman Fence LLC, for more help.