Three Ways To Maintain A Chain Link Fence

25 January 2018
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Chain link fencing provides a durable perimeter to your yard and garden without blocking your view, making it a great choice for a security fence or a dog enclosure at a low price point. However, like all other types of fencing material, exposure to the elements and weather can cause physical damage to your fence. In order to extend the lifespan of your chain link fence as much as possible, there are a few simple maintenance tasks that you should perform.

Trim Back Nearby Plants

The first thing that you should do to reduce the amount of strain that your chain link fence experiences is to trim back any nearby bushes, vines, or other plant life which may grow against the fence. Plants that use the body of the fence to climb upwards can increase the amount of weight that your fence holds up, which can cause bending and structural damage over time. Even if the plants aren't growing up on your fence, but are simply located near a fence post, you may want to consider relocating or removing them. This is because the roots of bushes and other plants can push fence posts around underground, causing leaning and other forms of damage.

General Cleaning

In order to maintain the appearance of your chain link fence, you should also make an effort to clean off any stuck on dirt or plant matter which may collect over time. This is more than a superficial concern: mud and leaves that are stuck against your chain link fence can hold on to moisture, which can make the occurrence of rust somewhere on your fence much more likely. Mold and moss can be removed from fence posts and chain link itself using a mixture of half water and half vinegar.

Rust Removal

Finally, if you notice that rust has actually taken hold in an area of your fence, you should act quickly to remove it. Steel wool can be used to sand it off of smaller areas, but you'll have to paint the sanded down area to cover up the exposed metal underneath to ensure that rust won't simply reappear there after it rains again. Alternatively, if rust has spread over a large section of your fence, you may want to consider replacing the affected areas – this will prevent the rust from spreading throughout your entire fence, which will eventually require you to replace the entire thing anyway. For more information, contact a business such as F & W Fence Company, Inc.