How To Decide Which Parts Of Your Backyard To Fence Off

21 June 2018
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Do you own a large backyard that is too big to fence off in its entirety? If so, you'll need to figure out how much fencing material you actually want to use. Here are some tips that can help you make a decision about what portion of a yard to place a fence around.

Security Fence

Is the purpose of the fence to keep people away from wandering up to the front door or entering your backyard? If so, you can just fence off a small part of the property that extends from your home. You will create a safety zone that nobody can get into unless they go through a gate, but you can have a lock on the gate to prevent people from getting in. It will definitely deter people that want to casually walk through your property or knock on your front door.

Chain link fencing is affordable and can be used to if you want to maintain views of a spacious backyard or the street, but it is quite easy to climb. Aluminum fencing will provide you with some transparency so you can see through the fencing material, but it is much harder for the average person to climb over due to the vertical bars. Wood or vinyl fencing comes in solid panels, which are difficult to climb and offer more privacy. This can be great if you want to prevent people from looking through your windows but still want to allow natural light into your home.

Dog Security

Do you have a dog that you love to let outside from time to time but do not want your entire property fenced off for them? You can create a dog run along the side of your home with chain link fencing. The nice thing about building it against your home is that it requires the bare minimum for fencing materials. You can use the side of your home as one of the walls, and get by with one long side of fencing material that connects to the home. If your dog loves to jump, you can use fencing to create a roof or simply make the walls of the fence very tall.

Garden Protection

If animals are getting into your garden, fence off the perimeter of the garden rather than your whole backyard. Aluminum fencing can really make an outdoor garden look nice when professionally installed, since it will be a permanent fixture of the garden that provides security from animals and an aesthetic appeal.

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