So You Want To Start A Hunting Ranch? Breeding Pen Facts You Need To Know

30 August 2018
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Big game hunting ranches are making big money these days. You buy fifty or more acres of land, depending on what you are going to breed and turn loose for hunting, and you live on the property. You can also build a guest house or hunting lodge for the hunters that book hunting trips with you. If you have already bought the land and have lodgings ready, the next step is to build breeding pens for the animals you will breed and turn loose on the land. Before you get started on that, there are a few things you should know about building wild animal pens.

White Tail Breeder Pens

White tail deer are rampant all over the Midwest, Northeast, and Northwest. When you live and work in the South, these deer are harder to find and more difficult to hunt. Hunters would rather shoot on a hunting ranch than travel five hundred-plus miles to hunt a deer.

However, white tail deer are notorious high jumpers. The record high jump for one of these animals is fifteen feet! Not every deer will jump that high or willingly do so. They have to be motivated by something like a chance to mate with another deer that is just out of reach or a semi truck about to hit it.

When you are breeding these animals, it helps to construct a deer fence for the buck's (note: singular, unless you want your male deer to kill each other in the same pen when does are in heat) pen at about fifteen feet. Does can have fences around their pens that are shorter since they draw the bucks rather than jump fences to get to the bucks.

Breeder Pen Fence/Wall Height for Other Game Animals

Bison do not jump; they are too heavy. A standard fence height of eight to twelve feet is sufficient, but it also has to be extremely strong because bison are all brawn. They will crash through fences to get to mates.

Ibex are a type of mountain goat or antelope. They can jump straight up, six feet, with no running head start. An eight-foot fence around their breeding pens is sufficient.

Springbok and Blackbuck antelope are two more types of exotic wild game that hunters want to hunt. If you decide to breed these, first be careful of their very long antlers, and then build the fences almost as high as you would for white tail deer. Springboks can leap as high as thirteen feet, and Blackbucks almost as high. When you want your game to stay on your property and not breed with other species, build fences and pens that can contain them.