Vinyl Fence Answers To Help You Choose A New Fence For Your Property

27 November 2018
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The addition of a fence can be done for both aesthetic and security reasons. For homeowners that are struggling to achieve the correct balance between security and aesthetics, vinyl fencing can be an option that may be worth considering.

Can Vinyl Fence Be Used Near Bodies Of Saltwater?

Living near the ocean or another body of saltwater can provide you with recreation, entertainment and beauty. However, the spray from this body of water can coat surrounding structures with a layer of salt. Many materials, such as metal, will rapidly degrade as a result of being exposed to salt. However, vinyl is extremely resistant to being damaged by salt accumulations. Over time, this coating may cause the vinyl fence to appear dull, but a thorough rinsing should be sufficient for removing this coating and restoring its appearance.

Is Vinyl Fencing More Difficult To Install?

In addition to being visually pleasing and secure, vinyl fencing is no more difficult to install than most other types of fencing. Depending on the particular design of the fence and the terrain, vinyl may actually be easier for the contractor to install due to its lightweight making it easier to handle and position. Typically, most problems or complications that arise when installing a fence occur due to the soil being low-quality, but a routine soil test prior to this project can help to identify these potential difficulties.

Can You Change The Color Of Vinyl Fencing?

At some point, you may decide that you no longer like the color of your fence or want to change it to match changes made to the home's color scheme. While vinyl will typically be permanently colored, some of these fences are designed to be able to be painted. This can allow you to easily ensure the fence matches your home and the rest of your property. If you decide to paint your vinyl fence, it is imperative to choose a paint that can be applied to vinyl surfaces. Standard outdoor paints are often unable to fully bond to vinyl, and a special type of paint may be needed.

Will Vinyl Fencing Be Durable During Strong Storms?

Some homeowners may live in areas that experience particularly strong or frequent storms. For these homeowners, making sure that their new fence is strong enough to withstand the abuse from strong storms will be necessary. While aluminum fencing can be particularly vulnerable to developing dents from hail impacts, vinyl is strong enough to withstand the majority of the impacts that it may sustain during a storm. However, particularly heavy or sharp debris may still be able to damage this fencing.

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