3 Ways To Add Green Coverings To Chain Link Fences Without Destroying Them

20 February 2019
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Everybody knows that chain link fencing is the most durable and affordable, but it offers little when it comes to privacy. Therefore, adding green coverings like English ivy or other plants are popular solutions for these fencing materials. The problem is that green coverings can also cause a lot of damage to fence materials. Here are some of these ways that you can add green coverings to chain link fencing without destroying it:

1. Using Shrubs for A Green Privacy Screen Away from Fencing

Some of the best choices of plants to add privacy to your chain link fence are evergreen shrubs. There are various choices of species, and some of them can be tall and wide. If you are going to use evergreen shrubs to add privacy to your fence, you want to make sure you plant them a safe distance away to ensure that growth does not reach fencing materials where they can cause serious damage. In addition, make sure to regularly trim the shrubs to protect your fence from the damage that these types of plants can cause.

2. Training Slower Growing Plants to Grow Over Trestles Away from Fencing

In addition to shrubs, there are also many slow growing plants that can be used to give your chain link fence an attractive green covering. Use trestles to give you something to aid in training the plants to grow where you want them to cover fencing materials. Even with some slower growing plants, you want to regularly train them to make sure they are not growing into the chain link fencing where they can cause damage to materials over time.

3. Using Mesh and Textile Materials to Keep Plants Away from Chain Link Fencing Materials

Mesh is another option that you may want to consider for protecting your chain link fencing from damage due to green coverings. Buy the synthetic garden mesh materials that are used for things like vegetable gardens and install it as a barrier between the green covering and your chain link fencing materials. There are also many textile fence coverings that can be used to do this and protect your fence from damage that is caused by plants growing into the fencing materials.

These are some of the ways you can add green coverings to chain link fencing without destroying it. If you need help with installing a fence or improvements to protect it, contact a chain link fence contractor and talk to them about some of these solutions.