Chain Link Fence Considerations for Dog Owners

30 September 2019
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Keeping your dog safe and secure in your own yard typically requires fencing. If your home currently doesn't have fencing, a chain-link fence is a good option. These fences are made of durable metal that isn't prone to rust or corrosion. Instead, you end up with a low-maintenance and cost-effective fencing solution for your yard. The following are a few things to keep in mind that will ensure your new fence is dog-friendly.

Mind the Gap

Unlike wooden fences, chain link fencing can go right up against the ground because there is no issue with rot to worry about. Uneven ground, though, can leave some gaps between the fence bottom and the ground. These gaps can invite digging from some dogs, which means your pet may be able to get out of your yard. Making sure the fence you choose has a solid bottom rail helps prevent squeezing under. Landscaping along the bottom edge of the fence or having a concrete curb installed at the base of the fence will further guard against digging.

Stress Less

Many pups stress out when they see people or other animals walking outside of the fence but near the property. This isn't usually an issue in a quiet backyard, but pedestrian traffic can be a source of stress in many front and side yards. A solid fence can cut down on your pup's stress by blocking their view of people and traffic moving around outside of your yard. There are two options to do this with a chain-link fence -- privacy slats or privacy screening. Vinyl slats come in a variety of colors. You slide them into the fencing to create a sight barrier. Screens stretch the length of the fence and are attached to the top and bottom rail.

Size Matters

Keeping your dog in the yard is vital for their safety. You want a fence that is tall enough so that they can't pull themselves over the top. You also want to make sure no one can reach over the fence to bother your dog. To keep most dogs in and keep humans out, a 5-foot fence is sufficient. If your dog is particularly good at jumping, you may need to go as tall as 6 feet. You can also have roll bars installed on the top of the fence. These rolling bars are nearly invisible. They are designed to prevent canines from getting over the top of fences.

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