Vinyl Fence Answers To Help You Choose A New Fence For Your Property

27 November 2018
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The addition of a fence can be done for both aesthetic and security reasons. For homeowners that are struggling to achieve the correct balance between security and aesthetics, vinyl fencing can be an option that may be worth considering. Can Vinyl Fence Be Used Near Bodies Of Saltwater? Living near the ocean or another body of saltwater can provide you with recreation, entertainment and beauty. However, the spray from this body of water can coat surrounding structures with a layer of salt. Read More 

So You Want To Start A Hunting Ranch? Breeding Pen Facts You Need To Know

30 August 2018
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Big game hunting ranches are making big money these days. You buy fifty or more acres of land, depending on what you are going to breed and turn loose for hunting, and you live on the property. You can also build a guest house or hunting lodge for the hunters that book hunting trips with you. If you have already bought the land and have lodgings ready, the next step is to build breeding pens for the animals you will breed and turn loose on the land. Read More 

How To Decide Which Parts Of Your Backyard To Fence Off

21 June 2018
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Do you own a large backyard that is too big to fence off in its entirety? If so, you'll need to figure out how much fencing material you actually want to use. Here are some tips that can help you make a decision about what portion of a yard to place a fence around. Security Fence Is the purpose of the fence to keep people away from wandering up to the front door or entering your backyard? Read More 

Tips For Installing Railing Posts On A Deck

3 April 2018
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If you are adding a railing to your old deck to update its look and make it safer, then it is vital you correctly install the railing's posts. Incorrectly installed posts will make your railings look bad and can also lead to injuries. When you install the railing posts on your existing deck, follow each of these tips. Tip: Contact Your Local Building Department and Obtain a Building Permit if Necessary Read More 

Three Ways To Maintain A Chain Link Fence

25 January 2018
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Chain link fencing provides a durable perimeter to your yard and garden without blocking your view, making it a great choice for a security fence or a dog enclosure at a low price point. However, like all other types of fencing material, exposure to the elements and weather can cause physical damage to your fence. In order to extend the lifespan of your chain link fence as much as possible, there are a few simple maintenance tasks that you should perform. Read More